Forward is a new kind of health membership. We start by pairing you with a world-class physician who uses new technology like our body scanner, real-time onsite blood testing, genetic testing, and our software to build your baseline: a complete picture of your health and a plan for helping you lead a healthier and happier life.

We then follow up via 24×7 care team consisting of your physician, nurses, and medical assistants assisted by AI. Your care team uses data from your baseline and ongoing data from sensors like your phone and bluetooth/wifi-connected health devices to proactively reach out via the app and ensure that things are going well.

We don’t bill insurance and work directly with our members to make sure that our interests are aligned with human beings, not their insurance companies. That also means there are no co-pays or odd insurance bills in the mail.

Our membership fee is billed annually and includes everything we do on site at our first physical location at 180 Sutter St. in San Francisco and via the app.

  • Project Type Medical Kiosk
  • Skills Needed LED, Machining, PCB, Electronics
  • Customer Go Forward
  • Year 2016-17
  • Website