Commercial & Architectural LED Lighting

We are dedicated to being the best, fastest and most reliable in LED lighting design, equipment, products and services. Our industrial, electrical, and software engineers can quickly prototype any of your LED product ideas. We provide LED lighting solutions for both interior and exterior needs. We have made many projects come to light for the medical, industrial and electronic industries. Our unique position is to offer a one stop shop consultancy and design for your LED design needs.

Light up offices, restaurants, night clubs, bars, hotels, parking garages, resorts, casinos, theaters, displays, retail stores and all types of social atmospheres with LED lighting from Fifty Ninety LED Lighting. Our LED lights are energy-efficient, fully programmable and feature extensive color options to bring customization to LED commercial displays. Stand out with customized LED wall displays to highlight featured products or ideas. We offer a wide range of designs at Fifty Ninety LED to cater to your specific needs. By custom building and programming our PCB boards and lights to display what you need we will help your business stand out from the competition

Commercial LED Lighting

Fifty Ninety LED designs and builds energy-efficient LED lighting for large offices and architectural installations. Replace the old T5 T8 style lighting system in your office with cost efficient LEDs. Low maintenance and programmable Commercial LED lights can save your business thousands of dollars and make your old boring office building full of new life with new style and light. Let Fifty Ninety Show you how to make this happen

Retail LED Lighting

Bring your displays to life and generate more sales and bring attention to your business with Fifty Ninety retail LED lighting. We supply the most state-of-the-art LED lighting products to create an eye-directing, distinct LED lighting design throughout your store. With a full selection of advanced, color-changing and programmable LED technology we are prepared to take your business to the next level.

Business LED Lighting

Set the mood with a unique customized LED atmosphere from Fifty Ninety LED. We design and build quality LED lighting products ideal for lighting up your office lobbies, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and any business that requires a great atmosphere . Make your impression on your guests by using programmable LED options. This is the future and possibilities are limitless.

Point of Purchase (POP)

Fifty Ninety LED Lights up your retail displays, kiosks and trade show booths. Fifty Ninety LED has many options to choose from and our in house engineers can create interesting brand ideas utilizing our LED systems. Bring attention and highlight your products in your Point of Purchase displays. Let Fifty Ninety shine light on your products.

We proudly design & manufacture our products in the U.S.A.

Our customers have come to expect the utmost quality from 5090 LED and we maintain this reputation by constructing our products at our US Lab. While many other companies have outsourced or moved their manufacturing operations overseas, 5090 LED will not compromise on our promise to make our products ourselves.