Commercial LED Lighting Design

5090 LED is dedicated to being the best, fastest and most reliable in LED lighting design and manufacturing. Our industrial, electrical, and software engineers can quickly design and prototype any of your LED product ideas. We provide LED lighting solutions for both interior and exterior needs. We have made many projects come to light for the medical, industrial and electronic industries. Because we design products our unique position is to offer a one stop shop consultancy and design for your LED design needs.

Light up offices, restaurants, night clubs, bars, hotels, parking garages, resorts, casinos, theaters, displays, retail stores and all types of social atmospheres with LED lighting from 5090 LED Lighting. Our LED lights are energy-efficient, fully programmable and feature extensive color options to bring customization to LED commercial displays. Stand out with customized LED wall displays to highlight featured products or ideas. We offer a wide range of designs at 5090 LED to cater to your specific needs. By custom building and programming our PCB boards and lights to display what you need we will help your business stand out from the competition


5090 LED can take your LED Lighting concepts and turn them into real products


5090 LED will design your LED ideas and design a great layout of your projects


5090 LED has in house engineers and tools to make a working prototype of your idea


5090 LED takes the prototype, perfects it, then we will also manufacture it ourselves.

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